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After The Rain - Thomas Schirmann

Inspired by a piece by John Coltrane, this album, conceived and recorded in 2020, explores the feelings of our time, from anxiety to hope, passing through nostalgia and prayer. Resolutely turned towards the future, the Toulouse pianist Thomas Schirmann goes from the shadow to the light by paying tribute to his masters, Michel Petrucciani, Oscar Peterson but also Alain Jean-Marie and Michel Graillier. An intimate and luminous project.
Recorded on a Yamaha C5 piano at Studio du Moulin by Jérome Cotte.

For evaluation purposes, excerpts are available :

This project consists to produce a vinyl record, from the studio mix. The double 12' 45RPM vinyl is offered via a subscription in accordance with the following terms.

two subscription formulas
basic support
25 EUR
full membership
50 EUR
you get
¤¤download mix studio (work copy in 32/88.2)
¤¤download mix studio (reduced to CD format 16/44.1)
 ¤double vinyl album

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To get more informations, to subscribe, follow CONTACT.


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