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After The Rain - Thomas Schirmann

Inspired by a piece by John Coltrane, this album, conceived and recorded in 2020, explores the feelings of our time, from anxiety to hope, passing through nostalgia and prayer. Resolutely turned towards the future, the Toulouse pianist Thomas Schirmann goes from the shadow to the light by paying tribute to his masters, Michel Petrucciani, Oscar Peterson but also Alain Jean-Marie and Michel Graillier. An intimate and luminous project.

Recorded on a Yamaha C5 piano at Studio du Moulin by Jérome Cotte.

This project proposes a subscription, in order to support the production of a vinyl edition, made from the studio mix, respecting the original recording and the work done in the studio.

The first step is to gather a sufficient number of subscribers, who will provide the basis for financing the project. For evaluation purposes, excerpts are available for free download, in the format of the studio mix in 32/88.2 or in the CD format in 16/44.1.

A consultation is launched near several cutting studios to check the technical validity of the project and to determine the number of records required, better in the 45RPM 12" format, to contain all the tracks of the album.
The final price will be established after the return of quotes and the integration of other costs (SACEM/SDRM rights, graphic design service,...).

Subscription, discussions, comments on the MÉLAUDIA forum in the thread projet "After The Rain" en qualité studio or via this point of CONTACT for those who are not registered on the forum.


The subscription is open, for a double 12' 45RPM vinyl record, pressed in 100 copies. Two subscription formulas are available :

In addition for 50 EUROS or more, you can contribute to reinforce the operation by providing an advance, refundable on subsequent sales.
Each subscriber will get a working copy of the studio mix (in 32float/88.2).

For evaluation purposes, excerpts are available for free download, in the format of the studio mix in 32float/88.2 or in the CD format in 16/44.1.

Payment expected by Paypal on rliyungAThotmailDOTcom. Other payment methods on request.

Comments and discussions on Mélaudia's forum.

crowdfunding on ULULE

Until june 6th https://fr.ulule.com/production-vinyle-after-the-rain-/.

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