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Piuma - Isabelle Cirla/Joël Trolonge

As the first pressing is almost sold out, a new subscription is launched, in the same terms as the previous one,
in order to re-press 100 units.
The first wave subscribers can bring a free amount, as an advance refundable on future sales.

Piuma is the third opus of the duo from Toulouse Isabelle Cirla (bass clarinet) and Joël Trolonge (bass), recorded in late 2019 at la Maison de la Vallée in Luz Saint-Sauveur and mixed at Conservatoire de Tarbes, by the class "Techniques du son" driven by Jérôme Hallay.

For evaluation purposes, excerpts are available :

This project consists to produce a vinyl record, from the studio mix. The double 12' 45RPM vinyl is offered via a subscription in accordance with the following terms.

deux formules de souscription
basic support
25 EUR
full membership
50 EUR
you get
¤¤download mix studio (work copy in 24/48)
¤¤download mix studio (reduced to CD format 16/44.1)
 ¤double vinyl album

The Duo Cirla/Trolonge's website : https://www.duocirlatrolonge.com/.

Read more on Mélaudia website (in french) :

On his website https://magicvinyldigital.net Jean-François give a technical analysis of this recording, passing to the bench the three supports : the file of the mix studio, the test pressing and the regular edition of the vinyl record.

To get more informations, to subscribe, follow CONTACT.


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