vendredi 8 juillet à 19h : Duo Cirla/Trolonge au MARCO à Marciac (32230)
lundi 1er août à 17h : Thomas Schirmann en piano solo à Loustliges (32230)

the concert

After concert, dinner with the musicians at Café de l'Hotel de Ville. Provide a bill around 40EUR per person drinks not included.
Information and reservation : or +33 6 36 36 06 09

the vinyl album

This project consisted to produce a vinyl edition, from the studio mix, made in the respect of the original recording. The choice fell on a double 12' 45RPM vinyl record to comfortably embed a program of 40 minutes.
The most enthusiasts amateurs will be delighted to get the studio mix, allowing to compare different formats.

    In the course of this project, some singular characters must be underlined.
  1. The cost of the operation was covered and prepaid by the subscription, the musicians did not have to advance funds.
  2. The production process of this record was entirely assumed by AKELSON, although associated with the decisions, the artists were relieved of this task.
  3. The project took place openly on the forum of the Mélaudia association, in a spirit to share knowledge. No label, no production company will open its back store to the public as it was done here.
  4. This approach was established independently, without interference with the commercial career of the CD, wich was published by the artists elsewhere.

The website made a technical analysis of this recording, passing to the bench the three supports : the file of the mix studio, the test pressing and the regular edition of the vinyl record.

The Duo Cirla/Trolonge's website :

to purchase the vinyl record

Recorded in late 2019, the third opus of the duo from Toulouse Isabelle Cirla (bass clarinet) and Joël Trolonge (bass), is available since september 2021. Pressed in 100 copies, this double 12' 45RPM vinyl record is offered at the price of 50EUR. Several test pressings are still available for an additional 20EUR.
Each subscriber will get a working copy of the studio mix (in 24/48).

For evaluation purposes, excerpts are available for free download, in the format of the studio mix in 24/48 or in the CD format in 16/44.1.

Payment expected by Paypal on rliyungAThotmailDOTcom. Other payment methods on request.